G7 AC Drive

TIn consideration of the different usage environments throughout the world, this inverter boasts high levels of both performance and operability, and stands ready to meet the most stringent technological demands. For the first time, 3-level control has been incorporated in 400-V class, general-purpose inverters to solve the problem of micro-surge voltages. It can be used in existing motors.

Features of the 3-level control method

The first 400V class general-purpose inverter in the world to use the 3-level control method, to approach sine wave output voltage. It provides the solution to problems like motor insulation damage to surge voltage, and electrolytic corrosion of motor bearings due to shaft voltage. Existing general-purpose motors can be used even without surge suppression filters. The noise and leakage current are greatly reduced (halved in in-house comparison).

Low surge voltage

- Suppresses surge voltage to the motor, eliminating the need for surge voltage protection for the motor.

Low electrical noise

- Significantly reduces conduction (power supply) noise and radiated noise caused by inverter drives, minimizing effects on peripheral devices.

Low acoustic noise

- Provides low acoustic noise, difficult to achieve with conventional designs.

Technical Details


Type Premium General Purpose Inverter
Range 0.55 kW – 630 kW
Max. Motor Output (kW) 3~200 VAC, 0.4 – 110
3~400 VAC, 0.4 – 630
Applicable Motor Induction Motor (IM)
Synchronous Motor (PM)
Control V/f Control
Open Loop Vector (OLV)
Closed Loop Vector (CLV)
Open Loop Vector (OLV) for PM
Adv. Open Loop Vector (OLV) for PM
Closed Loop Vector (CLV) for PM
Speed control range V/f and V/F with PG 1:40
OLV 1:200
CLV 1:1500
CLV and OLV for PM 1:1500*3
Torque Control Standard
Max. Output Frequency 400 Hz
1,000 Hz*
Fieldbus Interfaces RS-232C
RS-422/485 (Memobus/Modbus)
Modbus TCP
Standards CE
EN ISO 13849-1 PLd
IEC/EN61508 SIL2
Enclosure IP00, IP20, IP54, NEMA1
Functions Speed/Torque Control Switching
Energy Saving Function
Double Rating (ND/HD)
Speed Search
Slip Compensation
Torque Compensation
PID Control (with sleep function)
DriveWorksEZ (PLC SW)
Momentary Power Loss Ride-Thru
Application Parameter Presets
Preventive Maintenance Functions
RS-232C Interface
USB Interface


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