V&T Inverters Affirm The Quality And Conquer The Market


From 10/2015, Nam Phuong Viet Co., Ltd officially became an authorized distributor for V&T Drive inverter in Vietnam market, marking another success from NPV in its long-term plan to earn a net worth of 20 million dollars in 2030. Shenzhen V&T Technology is a leading inverter manufacturer in China.

V&T’s inverter is not only produced and supplied in China but also imported to 60 countries all over the world. V&T inverter is praised for its superior quality, high reliability, thorough technical solution low price. V&T inverter is suitable for various industries: crane, textile, ceramic tile, packaging, plastic, food & beverage, chemical, metal processing, wood processing, CNC and other industries that require high precision.

Currently, Nam Phuong Viet is distributing 3 main different series from V&T:

E5 inverter series: multipurpose inverter, suitable for most applications in industry.

V5 inverter series: vector control inverter, suitable for applications in Plastic, packaging, textile, air compressor, crane, centrifuge, wood processing, food, CNC…

V6 inverter series: Vector and Torque control inverter, suitable for applications that require high precision like steel, paper, harbor crane, labeling, packaging, cable, cotton…

According to the agreement between two companies, NPV Co., Ltd is the authorized importer, authorized distributor and warranty service center – customer service provider for V&T in Vietnam market. NPV’s distributing activities include marketing, building network of distribution, developing market share, being responsible for the aftersales service for all of V&T products in Vietnam market. With a fast response time, products in stock with large quantity, guaranteed quality, competitive price, domestic warranty service, a nationwide network of branch stores… Nam Phuong Viet is your best choice in the field of electrical drive in the industry.

With a united, experienced staff and a determined Board of Director, Nam Phuong Viet Co., Ltd gradually affirms its position on the market and aims to become a leading player in technical solution, known for the aftersales service in Vietnam.

“By constantly developing, changing and perfecting itself, NPV introduces effective products and technical solutions in the field of Electrical drive – Industrial Automation. We connect our responsibility with that of the community, creating trust and comfort for our customers, partners and staff” – That is our motto.


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