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Delivery And Installation Policy


1. Application target

The policy is applied to all customers who buy a product from Nam Phuong Viet

2. Delivery fee

Delivery fee will be calculated based on the price range of the 3rd party who made the delivery or Nam Phuong Viet’s own price range

3. Delivery time

- Delivery time will vary between 2-3 days depending on the transportation distance

- In some specific cases, the company may make a delayed delivery due to inevitable causes such as bad weather, unfavorable traffic condition, transport vehicle broken down, issues occurred during stock withdrawal.

- During the time of waiting, should you have any questions about our delivery service, please contact our hotline number to receive assistance

4. Responsibility for product on delivery

- We will take full responsibility for any risks incurred such as loss of product or damages during the delivery from our warehouse.

- After receiving delivery, customer is responsible for checking the content. If any damages, defects, cracks or wrong order is found, please sign a confirmation paper to the delivery service and contact our company immediately.

- 24 hours after signing to receiving delivery without any information about the condition of the product, the Company will not be responsible for any damages or defects, no return or exchange request will be acknowledged

- If customers appoints a 3rd party to make the delivery, any risks incurred such as loss of product or damages during the delivery from our warehouse are entire customer’s responsibility. Customer will also take responsibility for any additional fee.

5. Other conditions

- In the event of inevitable causes like natural disaster, flood, earthquake… we are not responsible for any incurred detriments such as late delivery or the location of delivery is not in accordance with a prior agreement.

- If we have made the delivery to the agreed location, but for some personal reason, customers asks for a return of the product, a full delivery fee will charged according to the company’s policy.

- During Holiday or Festival time, due to limited traffic from traffic (some vehicles is forbidden from operating), the time of delivery is subjected to change. We will inform the customers to discuss about a new location.

6. Setup and installation service

- The cost of setup and installation service is calculated according the company’s price range. This cost will be informed and confirmed to the customers during the order and purchase period

- During the installation at the agreed delivery location, any additional cost incurred that is not within the agreement between the two parties will be customers’ responsibility.

- In case customers install the product by themselves: Customer will be fully responsible for any setup/installation technical difficulties all the risks, damages and loss regarding the product and human life such as: broken equipment, explosion and fire, injuries and life-threatening situation…


Should you have any questions, please contact us via our customer service number 08 6255 8597 or Hotline 0903 803 645


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