MP3200 Intergrated Machine Controller

The MP3200 integrates the motion, vision, and robot systems that are indispensable to machine control to achieve ideal control of machine systems. And integrated management of information allows you to monitor the entire system to improve maintainability and traceability.

62 Axes Machine Controller with IEC Programming Environment and Controller-Centric Commissioning using MECHATROLINK-III motion network

- One software platform, MotionWorks IEC, allows efficient programming and handling of applications within a standard IEC 61131-3 environment

- MP3200iec offers higher axis counts and faster update rates: 62 axes of synchronized control

- PLCopen Function Blocks in MotionWorks IEC simplify programming

- Advanced camming and gearing function

- The MECHATROLINK-III open Ethernet based motion network (100 Mbps) enables machine configuration from a single location with one software tool. Using self-tuning abilities of a servo system commissioning time is greatly reduced.

- Diagnostic Web server reduces field maintenance time

- Optional OPC server provides HMI connectivity or Data Acquisition

- Communication Protocols: Open standards EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP to connect to many HMI and PLC in the market

- Programmable Amplifier Outputs: The controller can operate local amplifier outputs. This reduces panel cost and space requirements when just a couple of outputs are necessary.

- Reusable Code: Libraries enable importation of previously developed logic.

- A Multitude of Options: Choose from ten option cards offered for the expansion slot to accommodate most machine requirements.


Technical Details


High Performance Automation Controller MP3200iec

Program Capacities Standard programming languages IEC61131-3
PLCopen function blocks
Eight open slots for the optional modules using the attachable rack
Number of controlled axes 62 axes
Control Functions Position control, gearing, speed control, torque control, CAM
Accel/decel processing Linear, Exponential, Moving Average
Program Languages IEC61131-3 languages
MotionWorks® IEC Pro: Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Instruction List, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart
MotionWorks® IEC Express: Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, Instruction List, Structured Text, Sequential Function Chart
Ethernet (100 Mbps)
International standard UL, c-UL, CE
International Standard UL, c-UL, CE


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