PLC Simatics S7 – 400

PLC SIEMENS is the main controller for system integration solutions in manufacturing and machining industries, Within the family of SIMATIC controllers , the S7-400 is designed for system integration solutions in manufacturing plants and process automation

The product range includes 9 standard types for CPU, 2 for redundancy, 2 for continuous work


The S7-400 is a S7-300 sequential logic controller developed by Siemens for use in large applications and areas. Most automation tasks can be done with the components selected right

The S7-400 has far superior advantages over pre-programmable logic controllers for both hardware and software. That is:

- CPU is classified clearly and specialized

- High processing speed

- Compact module

- There are various types of modules suitable for central configuration and dispersion station configuration.

Signal modules can be plugged in or removed when the system is running. Convenience when replacing modules.


- Internal memory up to 768 Kb

- Total number of FB: 6144, FC: 6144, DB: 8191

- High response time up to 0.1us

- Supports up to 131072 digital expansion, up to 8192 analog

- Supports many programming languages: S7-SCL, S7-GRAPH, S7-HiGRAPH, CFC

- Programming software supports both types: STEP 7 Manager, TIA PORTAL


The S7-400 is especially suitable for data-intensive tasks in the process industry. High processing speeds and deterministic response times guarantee short machine cycle times on high-speed machines in the manufacturing industry. Many of the S7-400 components are also available in a SIPLUS version for extreme environmental conditions.

- Automotive industry

- Standard mechanical equipment manufacture incl. Custom mechanical equipment manufacture

- Warehousing systems

- Building engineering

- Steel industry

- Power generation and distribution

- Paper and printing industries

- Woodworking

- Textile manufacture

- Pharmaceuticals

- Food and beverages industries

- Process engineering, e.g. water and wastewater utilities

- Chemical industry and petrochemicals


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