Pronet AC Servo

The ProNet series servo drives added functions of current forward-feedback control, acceleration forward-feedback control, speed viewer and inertia viewer which, in turn, enable the ProNet series servo drive to improve response performance more than three times than previous products. What is more, it is available to on-line real time workload inertia check and adjustment of gain at any time to achieve the best control effect.


- Various models, wide power range : 50W~22kW

- Multiple feedback options : 17bits / 20bits serials encoder, resolver

- Power supply: single phase/three phase 100VAC, single phase/three phase 200VAC, three phase 400VAC

- Various communication options: Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS

- Frequency response 1.6kHz

- Current feed-forward and acceleration feed-forward function

- Online real time load inertia inspecting and auto-tuning function

- Common DC Bus

- Low frequency vibration suppression function

- High performance under low rigid environment

- Dynamic electronic gear ratio switching function

- Homing function available under position control mode

- UL certifi ed and CE certifi ed



- Machine tools (Metal forming, CNC router, Laser cutting, Water jet, Wood processing)

- Textile machine (Warping machine, Warp knitting machine, Rapier loom, Air jet, Water jet machine, Quilter machine, Dyeing machine)

- Packing machine (Vertical packing machine, Pillow packing machine, Sealing packing machine, Liquid packing machine)

- Printing machine (Photogravure press, Lithographic press, Relief printing machine)

- Electronics manufacturing equipment (Sorting machine, Chip mounter, Winding machine, Die-cutting machine, Lithium battery production line)

- Industrial robot, manipulator

- Hybrid, Die-casting machine, Injection molding machine, Plastic extruding machine


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