Sigma 5 AC Servo

Real-time communications
Sigma-5 offers high transmission speed allows real-time transmission of various data required for control. Depending on the needs of the applications several fieldbus communications are available.
Max. transmission speed with 10 Mbps in a transmission cycle from 250 μ s to 4 ms (user setting)
communications enable high-speed control for up to 30 stations.
Max. transmission speed with 100 Mbps in a transmission cycle from 125 μ s to 4 ms (user setting)
communications enable high-speed control for up to 62 stations.

Cost savings
Up to 62 stations can be connected to a single transmission line, so wiring costs and time are greatly reduced. Also, only one signal connector is required on the host controller. And, the all-digital network eliminates the need for conversion from digital to analog for speed/torque references and for a pulse generator to generate position references.

High-precision motion control
The MECHATROLINK SGDV SERVOPACK when connected to the host controller provides not only torque, position, and speed control but also synchronized phase control that requires advanced control technology. The control mode can be changed online so that the machine can move smoothly in complex motions with great efficiency.

Technical Details


Type Single Axis Amplifier
Range 50 W – 15 kW
Applicable Motors 50 W – 15 kW (200 V)
500 W – 15 kW (400 V)
Analog Voltage/Pulse Train
Command Option Attachable Type
Order No. for Rotary Servomotors SGDV-XXXX01 (Analog Voltage/Pulse Train)
SGDV-XXXXE1 (Additional Options)
Order No. for Linear Servomotors SGDV-XXXX05 (Analog Voltage/Pulse Train)
SGDV-XXXXE5 (Additional Options)



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