Technical Support Policy

Technical Support Policy


1. Scope Of Application

- This includes all the customers who has or has not used products sold by Nam Phuong Viet

- Partners, Agencies and Distributors of Nam Phuong Viet

2. Forms Of Technical Support

- Phone calls: Customers can make a direct phone call to the technical team or the responsible business department or using hotline. In case of hotline, customers are advised to leave sufficient information, the technical team will reply immediately.

- At the customer’s factory: The technical team can come directly to the factory to assist in setting up, configuring, giving guidelines… for the customer.

- Training programs: They will be organized according to special inquiries from each customer or a group of customers

- Support fee at the factory and training fee can be calculated based on each particular case and will be arranged according to the agreement between two parties.

3. Support Hours

- Phone calls or Online support: 24 hours

- Direct support at customer’s factory: Office hour (8am - 5pm), except when there is other agreement

4. Responsibility And Obligation

From the technical staff:

- Provide accurate and sufficient support, in case the problem is outside the expertise, immediately transfer the job to a more suitable department.

- Preserve the right to deny giving support if the issues are not within his/her responsibility/expertise

- Hold the largest responsibility for the company and the customer

- From the customers:

- Can ask for a better support term if the current one is not working

- Can provide opinions or complaints regarding the behavior and quality of the technical support team.

5. Other Conditions


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