Return Policy

Return And Exchange Policy


A. Product Return - Exchange Regulations

Our Return - Exchange Regulations are applied to all the products distributed by Nam Phuong Viet and will be implemented when specific products have been returned to our stock house. Our technical department will carry out the necessary analysis and quality inspection and proceed with the return/exchange procedure in accordance with the A, B, C segments belonging to the policy

1. The Return and Exchange policy will be made available from 1/1/2016

2. Time period allowed for return/exchange procedure: within 7 days of purchase (based on the purchase documents from Nam Phuong Viet)

3. Allotted time to resolve product return – exchange:

- In case product is in stock, resolved within 3 days (72 hours)

- In case product is not in stock or needs inspection, we will discuss the matter with customer in details about when to resolve product return – exchange.

B. Return Policy

Nam Phuong Viet will not accept the return of any products under any circumstances except when there are technical issues from the manufacturers themselves. Nam Phuong Viet also neither provides alternative solution nor suitable replacement for customer.

C. Exchange Policy

1. Due to technical issues from the manufacturers

- Our Technical department will perform a necessary analysis. After we have confirmed the problems lie with the manufacturer, we will proceed with the exchange procedure.

- Nam Phuong Viet will incur all the cost for transportation

2. Due to customer’s personal reason

Nam Phuong Viet will allow the exchange of product that is as perfectly intact as the time of purchase, including:

- Stock Withdrawal Confirmation/Value Added Receipt from Nam Phuong Viet

- Warranty Stamp/Document, Brand Stamp, Instructional Manual, CD, Attached gift (if possible),… must be intact

- All the additional parts, accessories and equipment must be intact

- No scratches, cracks, broken parts, signs of strong impact, dampened parts, strange odor or product was in use

- In case the above conditions are not met: Proceed according to the company’s policy.

3. Due to other reasons

- When receiving a delivery, it is important to check the crate and product inside to ensure the correct model, series, amount ordered and no external damage (scratches, cracks). If any of the aforementioned occurs, customer is advised to decline the delivery and/or contact our customer service so we can quickly resolve the problem and change the delivery or provide the missing product.

- In case of breakage (dampened, wet, scratches, shattered,…), damaged or lost due to Nam Phuong Viet packaging procedure, we will perform a checkup and proceed to make a return/exchange for the customer. During the checkup, confirmation from delivery crew or pictures from customer maybe needed… so we can quickly resolve the issues as precisely as possible.

4. Cases illegible for return – exchange

- All the above conditions are not met

- Over 7 days of purchase

- Product is damaged due to not following the instructional manual

- Inevitable causes: Flood, Fire, Earthquake, Lightning…


Should you have any questions, please contact us via our customer service number 08 6255 8597 or Hotline 0903 803 645


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